IOT Group

   We all need places that make us feel happier, safer and more sociable. At IOT Group , we believe that it's our responsibility to help shape these places - creating spaces that give people the freedom to work, play, create and grow. Spaces that enhance people's lives - because the better our environment, the better we can be.

Everything we do is intended to make the world around us a better place to live in. Our team not only takes pride in choosing the best, most ethically sourced materials, we also believe we have a duty to behave as sustainably and as socially responsibly as possible: consciously doing good for the society, environment and planet that we share.

It's not enough that every product is designed, manufactured and tested to market-leading standards. If we are to truly care about the impact we have on society, we have to make the conscious choice to always do the right things, for the right reasons, in the right way. We call this The Marshalls Way. We are guided in this by our values of leadership, excellence, trust and being sustainable. In staying true to our beliefs we can meet both the high standards we set ourselves - and the highest expectations of our customers, our industry, our business peers and society as a whole.

Visit us: Our office is located in the northeast of Brussels. TEL (555) 432 2365